Column and data type

Object Name Description
BigInteger A type for bigger int integers.
Boolean A bool datatype.
Date A type for objects.
DateTime A type for datetime.datetime() objects.
Enum Generic Enum Type.
Float Type representing floating point types, such as FLOAT or REAL.
Integer A type for int integers.
Interval A type for datetime.timedelta() objects.
LargeBinary A type for large binary byte data.
MatchType Refers to the return type of the MATCH operator.
Numeric Base for non-integer numeric types, such as NUMERIC, FLOAT, DECIMAL, and other variants.
PickleType Holds Python objects, which are serialized using pickle.
SchemaType Mark a type as possibly requiring schema-level DDL for usage.
SmallInteger A type for smaller int integers.
String The base for all string and character types.
Text A variably sized string type.
Time A type for datetime.time() objects.
Unicode A variable length Unicode string type.
UnicodeText An unbounded-length Unicode string type.

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