Getting started with VsCode

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VsCode is a powerful text editor, hidden behind a simple interface.

Keyboard shortcuts

VsCode supports various keyboard shortcuts, the most important for us are:

Shortcut Action
cmd+N create a new file
cmd+S save the current file
cmd+O open a file
cmd+P use quickpick to open a file
cmd+shift+P invoke a command (see below)

For more information, see the vscode keyboard cheat sheets, where you can also see how to customize your keybindings.


Commands make VsCode extremely powerful.

To invoke a command, press cmd+shift+P and select the command you want to execute. For example, to see the Foam graph:

  • press cmd+shift+P
  • start typing show graph
  • select the Foam: Show Graph command

And watch the magic unfold.

For more information on commands, see commands on the VsCode site.

If you want to learn more about VsCode, check out their website.


You can see a few panels on the left, including:

  • Outline: this panel shows you the structure of the file based on the headings
  • Tag Explorer: This shows you the tags in your workspace


To view or change the settings in VsCode, press cmd+,