Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing

Теги: vscode 

Here are some keyboard shortcuts you’ll love when editing your notes.

This works best if you can see the result in the preview panel, run the Markdown: Open Preview to the Side command.

  • alt+c changes state to a TODO item. Try it while the cursor is on this line.

  • cmd+b makes the selection bold. Select me and make me bold.

  • cmd+i makes the selection italic. Select me and make me italic.

  • alt+shift+f formats a table. Place the cursor in the table below and format the table.
column 1 column 2
one element another element
second row last cell

  • Paste link on selected text
    1. copy the following text:
    2. select me and paste

  • Search in your repo with cmd+shift+f: type “search”
    • (go back to the file explorer with cmd+shift+e)

  • Paste an image
    1. copy an image
    2. move your cursor to the next line, then press cmd+alt+v and confirm the name of the file
    3. .
    4. the image file has been created in /attachments and a reference to it has been added here