Scrapy rotating proxy

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# in spider settings
ROTATING_PROXY_LIST_PATH = '/my/path/proxies.txt'

    # ...
    'rotating_proxies.middlewares.RotatingProxyMiddleware': 610,
    'rotating_proxies.middlewares.BanDetectionMiddleware': 620,
    # ...

customisation: использование своих политик по проверке адресов вместо базового алгоритма rotating-proxy.


  • ROTATING_PROXY_LIST - a list of proxies to choose from;
  • ROTATING_PROXY_LIST_PATH - path to a file with a list of proxies;
  • ROTATING_PROXY_LOGSTATS_INTERVAL - stats logging interval in seconds, 30 by default;
  • ROTATING_PROXY_CLOSE_SPIDER - When True, spider is stopped if there are no alive proxies. If False (default), then when there is no alive proxies all dead proxies are re-checked.
  • ROTATING_PROXY_PAGE_RETRY_TIMES - a number of times to retry downloading a page using a different proxy. After this amount of retries failure is considered a page failure, not a proxy failure. Think of it this way: every improperly detected ban cost you ROTATING_PROXY_PAGE_RETRY_TIMES alive proxies. Default: 5. It is possible to change this option per-request using max_proxies_to_try request.meta key - for example, you can use a higher value for certain pages if you’re sure they should work.
  • ROTATING_PROXY_BACKOFF_BASE - base backoff time, in seconds. Default is 300 (i.e. 5 min).
  • ROTATING_PROXY_BACKOFF_CAP - backoff time cap, in seconds. Default is 3600 (i.e. 60 min).
  • ROTATING_PROXY_BAN_POLICY - path to a ban detection policy. Default is ‘rotating_proxies.policy.BanDetectionPolicy’.

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